Wedding Day Time Plan

Time Notes Your Time
8:00 Bridal Party starts to get ready
9:00 Tables Set up at Reception Venue(where possible)
10:00 Photographs of Getting Ready
11:00 Cake set up
11:00 Florist to set up
11:00 Table Decorations to be set up
11:30 Groom to get ready
13:00 Bride to get into Dress
13:00 Groom to Ceremony Venue
13:00 Reception Room set up finished(where possible)
13:30 Guests Start to arrive
13:30 Registrar to interview Groom
13:45 Registrar to interview Bride
14:00 Ceremony
14:25 Ceremony Ends
14:25 Confetti and Photographs
14:30 Reception Drinks
16:00 Sit down for Wedding Breakfast
18:00 Speeches
18:30 Free Time
19:00 Evening Guests start to arrive
19:30 Cutting of the Cake
19:40 First Dance
19:50 Guests on the Dancefloor
23:30 Final Carriages


Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Detail
Wedding Workshop