Men's Suits for Hire

Two Piece Dinner Suit for Hire

This Dashing Dinner Suit is great for every Groom. This beautiful Jackets allows for comfortable wear whilst still looking incredibly smart and traditional. 

Includes: Suit jacket and trousers Type: Dinner Suit Suit name: Michael Price: £75

All of our suit collections are available to hire only, with the option to purchase a waistcoat or tie as memorabilia after the occasion. 






Three Piece Evening Tailcoat for Hire

Three Piece Evening Tailcoat For Hire Surrey Wedding Shop Wedding Look Book

This elegant tailcoat outfit is perfect for a traditional, classic groomsman suit. It comes in both navy and black offering multiple colour schemes for you. 

Colour: Black/Navy Type: Tailcoat Includes: Tailcoat, Trousers and Waistcoat  Fit: Loosely fitted Price: £80 Suit Name: Jason







Brown Prince Edward Two Piece Suit For Hire

Amazing Brown Prince Edward Two Piece Suit For Hire

This amazing two piece traditional Prince Edward suit looks amazing will look amazing on your groom. This suit comes in Brown making it original and different. This stunningly handsome suit will give a loose fit and will ensure your groom feels comfortable throughout his big day.

Colour: Brown Type: Prince Edward Price: £65






Classic Black Tailcoat Two Piece for Hire

Classic two piece Tailcoat suit set, groomsmen would look elegant and timeless standing together with your groom. 

Includes: Jacket and Trousers  Colour: Black Price: £60 Suit Name: Jason 





Classic Silk Tailcoat Three Piece Grooms Suit for Hire

Smart, Classic Silk Tailcoat Grooms Suit For Hire. Available to hire with other accessories in a range of different colours.

Includes: Tailcoat, Waistcoat and Trousers Colour: Blue/Grey Price: £115 Suit Name: Grant





Dinner Suit Jacket For Hire

Dinner Suit Jacket For Hire

This Dashing Dinner Suit jacket is great for every Groom This beautiful Jackets allows for comfortable wear whilst still looking incredibly smart, traditional. 

Type: Dinner Jacket Colour: Black Price: £30 Suit Name: Michael





Full Package Black Tailcoat Suit for Hire

A beautiful quality classic black tailcoat worn with striped trouser, waistcoat and tie and handkerchief.

Colours: black, navy, mid grey, silk grey and new grey slim fit. Includes: Suit jacket, Waistcoat, Trousers, Tie/Bow Tie and Handkerchief Price: £95 Suit Name: Jason






Full Package Classic Black Tuxedo Suit Set for Hire

This old school full package tuxedo is perfect if you want a traditional black and white themed wedding.

Includes: Blazer, Waistcoat, Trousers, Tie/Bow Tie and Handkerchief Colour(s): Black/White Price: £115 Suit name: James






Full Package Men's Slim Fit Suit to Hire

A beautiful quality men's suit with a matching waistcoat, worn with a tie and handkerchief. A wonderful suit for your wedding day.

Includes: Suit Jacket, Waistcoat, Trousers, Tie/Bow Tie and Handkerchief Colours: blue, grey and black Price: £95 Suit Name: Elijah






Full Package Prince Edward Suit to Hire

Beautiful quality Prince Edward available for hire. 

Includes: Suit Jacket, Waistcoat, Trousers, Tie/Bow Tie and Handerkerchief. Price: £90 Suit Name: Edward






Prince Edward Jacket For Hire


Classic Mid/Slate Grey Traditional Prince Edward Jacket For Hire

This Handsome, Traditional Prince Edward Jacket will look amazing on your groom. This amazing blazer comes in both Black and Navy meaning that it will be perfect for any colour scheme and will look incredible on every groom. 

Colour: Slate/Mid Grey Price: £40Type: Prince Edward





Slim Fit Two Piece Suit Set in Grey

The popular slim fit suit is also available stylish grey for hire. In the image it is styled with the tweed waistcoat, tweed tie and tweed handkerchief.

Includes: Blazer, Trousers Colour: Light Grey Price: £95 Suit Name: Elijah




Slim Fit Grey Suit Three Piece Set

This three piece suit set is the perfect package for your groomsmen to cor-ordinate with one another. 

Includes: Blazer, Waistcoat, Trousers Optional: Tie/ Scrunch Tie/ Bow Tie in Multiple Colours Colour: Light Grey Price: £80






Sleek, Sophisticated Evening Tailcoat For Hire

This amazing jacket is perfect for a traditional, classic Groomsman suit. It comes in both Blue and Navy meaning that it will fit multiple colour schemes. This Tailcoat has a loose fit and so will look amazing on any groom. 

Colour: Black/Navy Type: Tailcoat Fit: Loosely fitted





Accessories Available for Hire

Ties, Scrunch Ties, Bow Ties, Handkerchief, Cufflinks, Shoes, Shirts, Waistcoats and Top Hats.

All available in an array of different colours and styles, we invite you into our store to see our collections we have and consult with our expert fitter.

Prices:  Prices start from £3 (for hire) 


Come down to our Surrey based wedding store in Caterham and we can measure your suit specifically for you, just call us now on Tel: 01883 592095 Or simply click the link below to book an appointment online.