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All our cakes are made exclusively by Elsa and the team at Let it Be Cake. Here we asked her a few questions so you can get to know her a little better.

When did you start making Wedding cakes?

Since 2000, so 18 years. I used to be in IT but my passion is making cakes I love cooking and baking – I prefer it to sitting behind a desk. It started as a hobby, baking for family or friends and it just snowballed into a business and here I am.

What inspires you?

It depends on the Bride and Groom, I always meet with couples to get ideas from them in terms of colours and themes or if there’s anything in particular they would like to incorporate. The inspiration always comes from the couple, I don’t push any ideas onto them. After our meeting, I will do a sketch for them and I’m happy to change this until I get it right for them.

Lilac Cake by Let it be Cake

What Wedding venues do you supply? And how far will you travel?

We are the recommended supplier to many of the local venues, such as Woldingham Golf Club, Westerham, Surrey National, Oaks Farm, we also go as far as High Rocks over in Tunbridge Wells, but we will travel further afield, a lot of the time we go into Essex and Central London.

What cake Flavours do Let it be Cake do?

Everything from the Traditional flavours from Vanilla, Red Velvet, Chocolate and Lemon to much more exotic flavours like Lime and Coconut which is very popular for Asian Weddings, Honey and Pear and Banana Butterscotch which are both rather good IF I say so myself. Vanilla is a really nice flavour to have as a Wedding Cake and it tends to be quite popular as it is usually a safe bet as most people like it.
All of our cakes have different flavour tiers, it’s what a lot of couples go for anyway. Mainly because you’re giving your guests more to choose from, which is nicer than just giving them fruit cake.

How do you deal with Dietary Requirements?

If guests have allergies, for example nuts, Vegan or are Gluten Free, we tend to make cupcakes or little cakes specially for them so they don’t get left out.

Purple and White Cake by Let it be Cake

What’s the current trend?

I’ve found it really depends on the Venue, in more rustic venues such as Oaks Farm, people tend to opt for semi naked cakes decorated with flowers, macaroons, or maybe just fruit on naked cakes.
In more polished venues such as, De Vere Selsdon Estate or Wotton House, Fondant finishes and Flowers tend to be more popular. But in general marble fondant is becoming more popular as is Rose Gold.

When should the Bride & Groom contact you about making their wedding cake?

Our busiest period is beginning of May to end of September, most of our weekends go very quickly. Sometimes we make 4-6 cakes in a week but we cap it at 6 cakes in a week, as the quality of the cakes still need to be there. So if I need to, I do turn clients away. So as a guide if your Wedding is during Peak time I suggest 9-12 Months. Outside of peak times 3-6 Months is normally sufficient.

White Cake with Orange Roses by Let it Be Cake

How is the cake delivered and set up?

We always ensure we arrive in time to set up. All of our cakes are delivered and stacked, just in case there are any accidents, they are not stacked until they get to the venue. Normally for a 13:00 Ceremony we arrive at 11:00, then set up the cake. Once it’s in place we take a photo. Normally the Groom comes down to see the cake or we have Bridesmaids walking around but I send the photo to the bride so she knows what it looks like before everybody else. It also reassures the Brides that I’m onsite and everything is under control.

How much is needed to feed your guests?

Each of our tiers is at least 5’ tall. I say to couples it depends on your venue, if it has a high ceiling and you want the cake to be seen across the room I suggest 4 tiers. In a more intimate Venue, where the height is not such an important factor 3 tiers work well. We know the ins and outs of most of the Venues around here so when a couple comes to us saying they’re getting married here we already know what will work best for that venue.

White and Pink Cake by Let it be Cake

If you have any questions or would like to contact Elsa at Let it be Cake you can phone her on: 07932 564 033, email: info@letitbecake.co.uk or check out her website: www.letitbecake.co.uk.SaveSave