How to plan your wedding day

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How to plan your wedding day

Planning the timeline for your Wedding Day can be very stressful, here Ying and Elsa share some tips to consider when creating a timeline.

A lot of Wedding Suppliers will require a timeline of everything happening on your day. This can be as detailed as you wish to make it, however the more you put in writing the more likely your day will run smoothly.

Usually Hair and Makeup takes 45mins each per Bridesmaid though it’s always best to check with your stylists how long they recommend. Also if your Bridesmaids are doing their own makeup ask them how long they need and factor it in.

It’s always a good idea to give your Photographer at least two or three hours to take images while you’re getting ready (if that’s part of your package). The longer you and they have the more relaxed and natural your images will look.

Set up of your ceremony room will usually have begun roughly four hours before your ceremony time. Suppliers will usually know what time they have to be onsite in order to set up your items.

Another reason it’s good to have a time plan for your day is so each supplier knows who else and when things are happening, for example the centrepieces can’t go on the tables before they have been set out or have the tablecloths put on.

Set up should be completed about one hour before your ceremony time.

Leave at least 30 mins-one hour to put on your wedding dress, jewellery, any finishing touches, make sure you have everything and most importantly breathe!

Groom should be at your venue about one hour before your ceremony ready for a few photos and to meet and greet your guests.

Don’t forget if you are having a registrar officiate they will need to meet with both the Groom and Bride separately before the wedding.

During the planning stage ask your Registrar or Priest or other Officiant how long the ceremony takes, adding readings will increase this time.

It takes some time for your Photographer to organise yourselves and guests for confetti shots and group photos, some find out from them how much time they will need.

If the ceremony room is the same as the reception, venue staff will need all guests to vacate the room so they can turn it around.

Allocate 20-30 mins for you to spend time with your new spouse, have some photos taken of just you two. During this time your guests may be having reception drinks, chatting and maybe chasing down canapés!

Talk to your caterers about the Wedding breakfast, if you are having a seating plan it will take time for everyone to find their seats.

In general two hours should be enough time for your meal. Speeches can be before, after or even between courses, just make sure your caterers know what the plan is.

Allow one hour for the room to be turned around and for your guests to relax after their meal. This could also be another opportunity for photographs.

Discuss with your DJ when your first dance should be, usually it’s good to cut your cake and straight away have the first dance. This ensures people don’t wander away in between which cuts into your time.

Most importantly Enjoy your Wedding Day!!

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