How to Choose your Wedding Ring

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How to Choose your Wedding Ring

We are joined by Jewellery expert, Andrew for JJ Browne Jewellers who has two shops in Caterham Valley. JJ Browne specialise in antique, second hand and vintage Wedding Jewellery as well as watches and diamond set rings.

Tips for How to Choose your Wedding Ring

  • Value of rings is based in the carats, JJ Brown offer 9ct., 14ct., 18ct., 22ct., in Gold, Platinum or Palladium. Ultimately the main influencing factor of choosing your wedding ring is the engagement ring that’s already chosen. The metal must be the same as different metals vary in hardness, so different metal could damage each other!
  • Diamond rings are available in different widths and it is  also possible to get brand new rings in a vintage style.
  • Don’t panic if you think the Wedding ring won’t fit around your engagement ring. Browne can actually take a wax cast of your engagement ring so your ring is made to fit round it.
  • If you have jewellery you would like to incorporate into your Wedding ring, JJ Browne’s jewellers are able to melt it down and make it into a modern piece.
  • A way to make your Ring truly unique is to get it personalised with a special engraving. This could be a date, initials or special phrase it’s your ring so anything goes.


  • If you’re on a tighter budget why not consider getting a second hand or vintage ring. They’re often just as spectacular but with a smaller price tag.
  • Another option is to tell the jeweller your budget. Andy explains ways for a ring to be customised to your budget without having to compromise on your chosen style.
  • Average prices for Wedding rings are £800-£1200 but will increase if you’re considering Platinum and Diamond set.

With over 35 years experience Andrew knows the Jewellery industry, check out his shop here or contact him on 01883 340945.

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