Five top tips for choosing your wedding photographer

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Five top tips for choosing your wedding photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you have to make when planning your wedding. They are the person you rely on to capture all your special moments. So Sarah from Caterham Photography joins Ying to give you some tips for choosing the right person.

  • Check their style of Photography, are their images documentary? are they all posed? Are they heavily edited? These are all things which differ between Photographers. Make sure you like their style and are confident they can produce images you will love.
  • Meet you Photographer before the day, although your photographer won’t be spending the whole day idly chatting with your guests, they will have to interact with them and you! Making sure their personality fits with yours is a must you don’t want to find out too late that you’re not going to get on for the whole day.
  • Look through previous wedding albums, look through the whole day’s images not just their carefully selected best images on their website.
  • Have they already photographed at your venue? This isn’t essential but if they have they are more likely to know the best places to take images. If they haven’t they should be willing to scout out the venue before your big day so no time is wasted “looking for the perfect spot”
  • Are they in your budget? Photography is not something you want to be thrifty with – it’s most likely these will be the main things you hold onto after your day. So don’t jump for the cheapest photographer available, if you need to cut down the budget consider sacrificing the “getting ready” shots. Cutting down the time a professional is need will usually save on costs.

And a Bonus tip talk through your ideas with them, make sure they understand what is important to you. If you desperately want photographs with your great aunt Doris or can’t stand certain poses that’s fine but let them know!

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