Five Décor Ideas for a Light, Bright, Summer Wedding

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Five Décor Ideas for a Light, Bright, Summer Wedding

Ah, Summer…happiness, heat, sunshine and of course wedding season! No wonder it’s the most popular time of the year to tie the knot. If you have managed to secure a date in the height of summer, congratulations!

For couples whose hearts are set on a bright summer wedding, we have come up with five Summer Wedding Ideas you can incorporate into your décor to give your wedding that summery, bright and light feel!

Before choosing your decoration, have a few colours in mind that you might like to include. We suggest choosing typical bright summer colours. Anything from bright yellows, pinks, blues and corals are all colours that just shout summer. Pastel colours can also work alongside these and if you don’t want too many bright colours, having bright flowers and then the rest of the décor in pastel can work brilliantly.

The right flowers

Flowers are always associated with summer- they are in full bloom and blossom can be seen in all its glory! So of course, plenty of flowers are a must when it comes to decorating your summer wedding. If you’re struggling to find a florist near you, you can search for florists in your area as well as venues and other suppliers at 

Choosing flowers that are in season will ensure that your blooms stay fresh throughout the day. When picking your flowers try to stick to either brightly coloured blooms or pastel colours. Bright and bold flowers work the best for decoration and sunflowers or tropical flowers such as hibiscus create a brilliant summery vibe that can instantly lighten a space.

Roses are a more traditional option and still work beautifully well within your summer décor but instead of opting for typical red roses, go for soft pinks, blues and yellows. These will add a more subtle colour to your venue, but feel summery nonetheless.

Placing single blooms in mason jars are also a fantastic way of decorating your venue for the summer season and they really lighten the place up. We recommend daisies or gypsophila as they work wonders.  


Your furniture choice can heavily influence your chosen theme and overall atmosphere of the wedding day. For summer vibes, pick furniture that reminds you of the outdoors. Wooden folding chairs are perfect for beach and outdoor weddings They bring more light into the décor and also differ from traditional chairs. These chairs can very easily be dressed up or down depending on your preference by adding aisle markers or dressing them with flowers or ribbons. Bamboo folding chairs give a tropical vibe to the wedding, brilliant if you’re looking to transform your venue into a tropical paradise.

Citrus Fruits

Lemons and oranges. Homemade lemonade and freshly squeezed orange juice- two incredibly refreshing drinks perfect on a summer’s day. It might sound strange to you but incorporating citrus fruits into your wedding décor can brighten the place up and add extra summer vibes.

Combining oranges, lemons or limes with your floral designs can instantly enhance a bouquet or centrepiece.

Feeling bold? Replace flowers in centrepieces with whole pieces of fruit. Having a small wooden box of oranges with leaves still on can make for a brilliant centre piece. Don’t like this idea? Fill up a clear vase with a combination of oranges, lemons and limes for a bold style. Believe us, citrus fruits instantly revitalise a place.


Bright Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a cheap and cheerful way of decorating your venue and by no means are tacky. In fact they are quite the polar opposite when it comes to wedding décor and are becoming an increasingly popular wedding decoration. Hanging brightly coloured lanterns in blues, pinks or yellows can instantly add a summer feel to the space.

Don’t be afraid to clash lantern colours, particularly if you want a bright and bold wedding day. Mix and match lantern colours, be daring; mix bright pink with bright yellow for a bold summer look.  

If you want to stick with one colour lantern, use different tones to keep the venue colourful and bright. A cute idea is to have a bold brightly coloured lantern and then a cluster of subtler tones surrounding it. This will draw more attention to the bright colours and won’t overwhelm

Light it up

When the sun finally sets in the very late evening, and dusk has arrived; you might want to think about how you are going to light your venue. Instead of candles, fairy lights can be a fantastic replacement. As lovely as candles are, they remind us of warming up in the winter.

Fairy lights can come in many different forms and each creates a slightly different atmosphere. Festoon lights are a perfect summer option as they create a warming glow. A beautiful idea is to create a canopy of soft fairy lights outdoors to create a space for guests to gather and dance.

For a candle replacement on tables or around the venue, a small set of string lights bundled up inside a small mason jar creates brighter lighting as opposed to warm.

If you have many string lights to spare, bulking them up into a ball chandelier and hanging them in various places can light up your reception fantastically.

We hope we’ve inspired you with our summer ideas! Remember, anything bright and bold works really well for that bright, light, summer wedding you’ve always dreamed of.