Bridesmaid Dresses


We are here to help you with choosing the perfect dresses for your lovely Bridesmaids. These decisions can be tough, particularly if your beautiful Bridesmaids are different sizes, shapes, heights and personalities. This is where we at The Wedding LookBook step in, our passionate team in the Bridesmaids Dress Shop are on hand to advise on a style and colour to suit all your best friends.


How Can We Help You?

We stock a diverse collection of Bridesmaids Dresses, featuring various styles from simple and elegant designs to more embellished gowns. You and your loyal Bridesmaids will have fun choosing a style and colour that you are all happy with. Our friendly and helpful staff will assist you every step of the way. Delivery usually takes 3-4 weeks, once we have your dresses in store we will contact you to arrange a fitting, allowing time for any slight alterations that may be required.


Your Bridesmaids’ Styles & Fit

Every bridal party is going to be made up of girls of different heights and shapes, this can make finding that perfect dress a little tricky but bear in mind dress choice should be in harmony with the season, location, and colour scheme of your wedding. For summer weddings or warm destination ceremonies consider the fabric of your Bridesmaid Dresses as well as amount of layers in the design. Comfort is just as important as aesthetics for your Bridesmaids to look after you on your big day!


Exclusive Designs

The Wedding LookBook are proud to have an exclusive in store designer with the label Vanessa Ying. This means our designs are all able to be customised slightly to truly suit your needs. Our designs can be made in a wide variety colours.


Our Prices

Our Bridesmaids Dress prices range from £99 to £129.

Pay Us A Visit

Our Wedding and Bridesmaids Dress Shop is in Caterham Valley, Surrey. You will find all our details on the Contact Page of our website so we look forward to welcoming you and working with you. If you would like to make an appointment to view our range of Bridesmaids Dresses or request a fitting, simply fill in the adjacent form or give us a call. Not only will we help you look beautiful on your big day, but your nearest and dearest too.


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Beaded Bridesmaid Dress
Beaded Bridesmaid Dress Front
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