Themed Weddings October 30 2015

The great thing about your wedding day is that it can be a completely personal and unique. By having different themes and styles to a wedding allows you to create a unique day for you and your partner to enjoy. Although a traditional wedding may be suited to some people, others will agree that they want their wedding day to reflect them and not follow the preferred convention of weddings. Here are some suggested wedding themes/styles for your big day...

Traditional.. Some may not view this as a theme but when choosing a traditional wedding there are a few requirements such as a white dress, church and walking down the aisle. Some brides have been dreaming about having their own “Big White Wedding” for as long as they can remember.

Historical/old-fashioned.. This would allow couples to step back into their favourite period in history and live their big day in the past. This would include old-fashion cars, period clothing and a old-fashioned wedding venue. This would allow for a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in a different period and would therefore make your big day more memorable for not only yourself but your guests as well.

Culture.. Being from different cultures means that it is important for people to allow their culture to be shown through their wedding. This could mean that you have a wedding that highlights your religion or beliefs. Also this means that you can celebrate where you are from and your family history. This may include changing what kind of clothes you wear and the type of venue you decide.

Hollywood/movie.. Your wedding day could be the perfect opportunity to live a day in your favourite movie or really live and experience your favourite hobby. This may include having themed decorations around the venue door, the type of wedding you have (church or not) and whether you wear costumes or not.