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Wedding Information is so readily available nowadays that it’s really noticeable when it’s not. For example when you’re thinking of popping to the shop and you grab your phone/tablet/laptop to check the opening times and it’s not listed, this is inconvenient. However, finding lots of information is sometimes just as difficult as too little.
Accessing information about how to plan your wedding is so easy, there are many accounts on social media dedicated to helping Wedding Couples, as well as family and friends who all have opinions on the best way to do things. Knowing who to listen to however, is a little trickier.
Many Brides and Grooms to be look on social media for a wide selection of recommendations, reviews, advice and inspiration, this can quickly become overwhelming. Add in to the mix all the hints and tips from relatives and friends and you can quickly feel back to square one – no closer to deciding anything.

Social media is a good place to start, especially if you aren’t sure where to begin, but try and keep your searches short and directed as possible. Don’t spend hours trawling through everyone’s comments on pages. If you’re looking for recommendations (caterers/florists/makeup artists etc) write down as much information as you’re able to give, for example if you know you’re looking for a certain style of catering, maybe a traditional curry then reading the reviews for Auntie May’s Tea Room is NOT going to help.

Barbecue Food Wedding Breakfast
One thing that will help is taking notes, this doesn’t have to be reams of handwritten pages. A small chart or spreadsheet with pertinent information works much better, if we’re sticking with the catering theme note the; name of company, contact details, address, any info you can find about budget, the style of cuisine they specialise in, and space for after you’ve met them (if they make your short list to visit) your impressions and later, quotation info.
A similar approach can be taken with friends and family, instead of asking “we’re not sure what to do about catering, what do you think?” do a little research and discussion between yourselves then try “We’re trying to decide between a sit down meal and food van, if you had a choice which would be your preference?” In response to the first question you will receive many varied opinions but obviously the second, you should get a single option (hopefully). This is fairly simple and you probably already know it, but it’s easy to forget once you’re concentrating on a larger picture, say a wedding!

Chilston Park Hotel Wedding wedding information
Chilston Park Hotel Wedding wedding information

Above Wedding photographs credited to Surrey wedding photographer

So to summarise the main point; yes there’s so much information online and you will get lost if you try to read through it all but cut out that which is not applicable, ask directed questions to friends and family and keep clear notes for yourselves and you’re well on your way to being dynamic in your Wedding Planning journey.

Don’t forget that a Wedding Planner cuts out a lot of this work, if you are thinking about hiring a Wedding Planner don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, our telephone number is: 01883 592 095 and our email is: