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Here at The Wedding Lookbook we are able to offer our professional help and services to make your big day a small chore.

  1. Keep your guest list small- as much as you want to invite all your high school friends along to show off your new man they aren’t really worthan extra £800 in food and drink bills.

  2. Hold your ceremony and reception at the same venue- pick something that suits your day and evening needs.

  1. Don’t get married on a Saturday- venue prices inflate massively if you book for a Saturday, opt for a Friday or a Sunday instead and save smart.

  1. Book an off season wedding date- spring showers and autumn leaves make for pretty pictures too! You’ll also save a lot of money on venue costs and are more likely to get the date you want.

  1. Skip the open bar- Do you really want your Uncle Dave dancing on the tables? Offer drink tokens instead limiting each guest to 2 free drinks and the rest they much purchase themselves.

  1. Take your honeymoon a few months after- not only are weddings expensive, shelling out for a romantic getaway the week after isn’t idyllic, wait a few months before you go away, this way you can stretch out the honeymoon phase for a little bit longer.

  2. Chose a venue that doesn’t need much decor- minimalist is the way to go, chose a venue which is designed the way you like it already and then add some details that go a long way.

  1. Limit your bridesmaids- the more bridesmaids you have the more £££ you will spend, on dresses, hen do, favours etc.. keep your bridesmaids your most valued friends and family.

  2. Bulk buy your hotel rooms- if you’re planning on having your wedding far away then you will be expected to provide rooms for your guests to sleep in, bulk buying rooms will result in more discount.

  1. Suit hire- all the suits that are only going to be worn once, the scrunch tie, hankie and cufflinks. Considering suit hire could save you a fortune, ditch the hassle of dragging the groomsmen to M&S and opt for the easy suit hire. Especially for the little kids who grow whenever you turn your back.

Here at The Wedding Lookbook we offer services and packages to help you whatever your budget may be. With wedding dresses starting from £99, suits to hire, wedding decor, photography and many more services and products available we invite you to our open evening showcase being held on the first Wednesday of every month.

If you are unable to make them please call 01883 592 095 to book an in-store appointment and let us help plan your dream wedding.

We are a bridal store location in Surrey. We are local to Croydon, Oxted, Warlingham, Whyteleafe, Woldingham, Purley and a short distance from Kent.